Cindy Fors, RHN (Honours)

Cindy Fors, RHN (Honours)

registered holistic nutritionist

cindy forsCindy is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and obtained her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and RHN designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN), with Honours, in 2012. In her own quest for health, and a hunger to help those around her she wanted to learn what really works.Cindy is grateful that she was able to make the connection between proper nutrition and good health many years ago, and wishes to share this knowledge with others. She is passionate about helping people achieve positive transformation in their health.

Previous to attending CSNN she immersed herself in researching alternative therapies to find out what actually works. Over the years she has attended various courses specializing in Cancer and Cancer Prevention, Inflammatory Type Diseases and Detoxification. She is continually exploring ancient wisdom and modern science.

Cindy has a special interest in the areas of blood sugar optimization, hypoglycemia and diabetes, chronic pain, inflammation and migraine management, and helping her clients optimize their emotional and mental wellness through finding relief from anxiety and depression, and increased energy levels.

Cindy strives to educate herself in this field in an effort to pass this knowledge on in a simple, practical and useful way. She believes that a primarily whole food, plant based, organic, living diet is the key to optimal vitality and wellness.  She has seen first hand what proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can do to improve health, and is honored and excited to share her knowledge and guidance with you.

CSNN Cert Mark

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