What is Naturopathic Medicine?

One of the biggest dilemmas of today’s health care is that it largely employs pharmaceutical drugs that are designed to control symptoms. For example, statins are prescribed for high cholesterol and blood pressure medication is prescribed for high blood pressure.


There is no dispute that these drugs save lives and serve an important role in today’s health care. They can allow for comfort that
enable one to continue to work towards better health. However, although symptoms of an illness are important to address, it is not where treatment should stop.

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Inlet Wellness Gallery ND's 

Dr Krista Braun, ND and Dr Briana Peddle, ND are happy to serve patients for their healthcare needs 

Acupuncture is used for an array of conditions and concerns and has shown efficacy in studies for the following:

- Chronic pain
- Acute pain
- Headache
- Hypertension
- Menopausal hot flashes
- Postoperative nausea and

- Chemotherapy induced


Primary Care
Have You Tried Acupuncture Yet?

Our physicians are Licensed Naturopathic Doctors in the Province of British Columbia, trained in primary family care, the diagnosis and understanding of illness, and use of safe and effective treatments that focuses on prevention.

Our naturopathic doctors offer a primary care family practice, including:

- Routine Physical Exams for

   Adults & Children
- Female Wellness Exams

   including Annual Breast &

   PAP exams

Special areas of health we address:

- Women’s Health
- Pediatrics
- Fertility
- Hormonal Balancing
- Stress & Fatigue
- Weight Loss & Management
- Pain management
- Gastrointestinal Health
- Detoxification
- Nutritional Counseling


Dr Peddle will be away on maternity leave from March -November. We warmly welcome Dr. Vanessa Lindsay,ND who will be providing ND services for Dr Peddle's patients while she is away.


Dr. Lindsay supports her patients in identifying and overcoming barriers to reaching their heath goals.   She believes that when provided with the correct tools, the body has the ability to balance itself and improve resiliency to the effects of stress on physical and mental health.

As a family naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lindsay treats a variety of patients, but has special interests in Women’s health and endocrine conditions, autoimmune conditions and allergies, and mental health.

ND Locum
March-November, 2019

New Patients - Please download and complete the new patient intake forms to bring with you on your first visit for us to review your concerns together:

Adult Intake Form

Pediatric Intake Form (Birth to 5 Years)
Pediatric Intake Form (Ages 6 to 12 Years)

Prices are subject to change without notice and prices are in accordance to the Naturopathic Doctors of British Columbia’s guidelines.

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