$30 off Initial TCM Acupuncture Treatment ~ until March 31, 2020

Did You Know?

TCM Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of conditions from:

Pain management and Sports injuries to Digestive, Nervous and Endocrine (hormonal) system imbalances

TCM emphasizes that the human body is an organic whole, and has an inseparable connection with the body, mind and spirit. Your Acupuncturist will assess your health care needs and provide a treatment plan tailored specifically for you. Learn more

1 hour Initial TCM Acupuncture


Reg $95   Now $ 65

Until March 31, 2020 ~ while spaces last!

Himalayan Salt Lamp Special

Bowl of Fire $35 ~ reg $49.98

Large $25 ~ reg $36.98

Small $18 ~ reg $25.98 SOLD OUT

In store special while quantities last

Himalayan salt lamps are thought to clean your space by releasing charged particles into the air that attract dust thus improving the air quality. Some people believe these salt lamps can help boost your overall mood and help you sleep more soundly.

New Year's ideas to promote your health! 

We are now carrying Green First's plant-based Dream Protein supplement, available in chocolate and vanilla dream flavours. A perfect way to incorporate high-quality protein and fibre into your diet and enhance your workouts. 

Check out the new vegan protein product at your next appointment!

Green and berry powder

Green and Berry powders are Gluten Free, Vegan & NON-GMO. 


Greens First® 


A delicious, fast and easy way for the entire family to enjoy the phytonutrient and antioxidant benefits of a diet rich in dark greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables in one, easy-to-use product. A great way to maximize your health and overall well-being!*

Greens First Berry® 

Enjoy the phytonutrient and antioxidant benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in one,.

Now $35 ~ Reg $59

While quantities last

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