Providing you with the best essential oil blends

Diffuser Oils

Diffusing is a fantastic option for continuous, therapeutic, slow release of your favourite essential oil. Water is gently vibrated and the essential oil is gradually released through cool mist. The process maximizes the effectiveness of the essential oil and preserves its integrity. Negative ions are released in the air which bond with positively charged, free radicals and help clean your space and fight airborne viruses. Select herbs with antimicrobial properties such as eucalyptus, peppermint,  lemon, bergamot, and other essential oils. 

Roller Oils

Your favourite blends for topical use in a convenient roller style.

Essential Oils

Certified organic essential oils, double tested for high quality control. Wild crafted and sustainably sourced to support their countries of origin.
Can be used topically and diffused in the air. For topical use, infuse a carrier oil such as almond, apricot, coconut, or olive oil with your favourite essential oil.

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