Why use a Facial Serum?

Serums are one of the most underused, yet corrective skincare products that you can use!

They are super concentrated with active ingredients and are designed to target specific concerns of your skin. A high quality serum has an excellent delivery system. Serums contain ingredients that have a smaller molecular structure; therefore, they can reach deeper levels of the skin to deliver nutrients, and to have a reparative effect within. When used regularly and properly, you will see and feel the difference that a great serum can make to your skin.

Can I use more than one serum and how do I use it?

Absolutely, in fact, you can use more than one type of serum if you have multiple skin concerns or alternate their use; For example, you can use one in the morning and different one in the evening. Facial serums are a very important part of your daily skincare routine. For best results apply your serum daily after cleansing and toning, before your moisturizer.

How do I know which serum is best for my skin type or condition?

When in doubt ask a professional esthetician to recommend a serum for your skin type and concerns. Serums can vary from very light to more viscous and some people prefer one over the other. Ideally though, opt for a natural, organic product like Eminence Organic Skin Care that is going to nurture and improve your skin. At Inlet Wellness Gallery, I offer a 15 minute complimentary skin analysis along with some recommendations for your unique skin needs. I also offer several different kinds of Organic Facials where you can experience the products directly to see the difference they make to your skin. You can call or book online for any of these services.

What serum is great for aging/mature skin?

We have a wide variety of serums and Eminence products to choose from but Marine Flower Peptide Serum is a favorite and is especially great for aging skin. This serum contains Smart Collagen+ Complex, Botanical peptides, Blue-green and Red algae extracts which improve collagen production and elasticity while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is left hydrated, plumper and notably smoother.

What is a good serum to use for sun damaged skin?

Citrus and Kale Potent C+E Serum- Is a highly active, stable and non-irritating serum. It contains vitamin C, Vitamin E, leafy greens from kale, spinach and broccoli, Citrus fruit oil and Hydrolyzed Botanical Hyaluronic Acid. This serum targets many concerns including: collagen production (anti-aging), sun damage (lighter and brighter skin). It’s anti-inflammatory, hydrating, nourishing and detoxifying for the skin. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects your skin and neutralizes free radicals, protecting your skin from further damage.

This is an excellent serum to use during the day when there is more exposure to environmental pollutants and the sun.

How do I store my serums?

Serums should ideally be packaged in a dark, glass bottles and kept tightly closed in a cool place, away from direct light. This will help to preserve the potency of the active ingredients and prolong the life of the serum.

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